The emblematic carriage of the 1918 and 1940 Armistices


  •   The clearing itself is wonderfully haunting but the Musée Mémorial de l'Armistice was beautifully thorough. Not only was the railcar (or its twin) displayed but there were short videos and displays. We kept hoping Peter Jackson could do for the Franch authorities what he did...More

    thumb CordeliaFlyte

      A lovely place to visit. Very historically significant (both in WW1 and WW2) and incredibly thought provoking. In particular I was moved by the actions of the germans in in 1940 when they not only made the French sign their armistice in the same place...More

    thumb James M

      If doing any sort of WW1 or WW2 tour in this region, this place is a must visit. The history is fascinating, the museum is small, but the stories and photographs of events that took place here give you an insight into events rarely told...More

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  •   We made a point of visiting ahead of the centenary anniversary of Armistice Day. The museum is excellent. It's only small, but very informative and we ended up reading almost every display. It's also not biased towards the Armistice signing and explains what happened to...More

    thumb armrestdominance

      Etre sur les lieux mêmes c'est autre chose que les voir en photo. Deux rails pour le wagon de novembre 1918, deux autres pour la signature d'un armistice dont on nous parle moins, celui de juin 1940. Lieu de mémoire et de respect.

    thumb Pepita65170

      Small museum with a replica of the actual rail carrige in which the Armistace ending WWI was signed. English signage throughout. Museum traced the path into, the chronology of and the aftermath of the war along with the path into WWII. Fascinating. Free parking, 5...More

    thumb cordyroy
  •   Après avoir vu de nombreux documentaires, j’étais curieux de me plonger dans cette ambiance. Des guides très sérieux dans leur travail, parfois un peu trop. Qu’ai-je retenu? Le musée, à voir sans s’attarder. Mérite une rénovation avec des présentations plus ludiques. J’ai vu, je ne...Plus

    thumb Jean-michel L

      The website directions for the museum place you about 2-3 KM's away from the entrance so keep going towards Soissons until you finally see a sign, on the right. Free parking but on the day we went, the Glade where the original train sat was...More

    thumb casbrown

      Visited the museum as it was a dull day whilst on holiday in the area. This turned out to be a great idea as the museum is totally fascinating and an excellent experience. We learned so much about an important event in history. The train...More

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  •   The Glen is a true memorial to both the resiliency of the French and to the thought process of Hitler.

    thumb gregg1200

      If you are in the area then I would recommend a trip to the Armistice Clearing. It would be a shame not to visit such an historical site if you were staying nearby. The clearing itself is set in a large forest and is very...More

    thumb Andrew I

      Si on aime l'historie, c'est à ne pas louper. ici la France a gagné la Première guerre mondiale! Emouvant!

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