The museum opens its doors the 1rst March 2018

The emblematic carriage of the 1918 and 1940 Armistices


  •   For goodness sake, take care. We walked from the car park to the railway sidings, took a couple of photos and then strolled back to our car - about 15 minutes at the very most. When we got back our car had been broken into,...More

    thumb Margaret H

      Although a replica of the original the carriage looked very authentic, it was well presented with lots of information on who sat where and their roles in the armistice. The rest of the museum was well set out with lots of displays and information.

    thumb Colin H

      We made a point of visiting ahead of the centenary anniversary of Armistice Day. The museum is excellent. It's only small, but very informative and we ended up reading almost every display. It's also not biased towards the Armistice signing and explains what happened to...More

    thumb armrestdominance
  •   If you are in the area then I would recommend a trip to the Armistice Clearing. It would be a shame not to visit such an historical site if you were staying nearby. The clearing itself is set in a large forest and is very...More

    thumb Andrew I

      While in France to visit Bellicourt we were unable to get close to this historic site as building work was in hand. This is still a most important location.

    thumb Outofthelaw

      We visited this museum while works are being undertaken to celebrate the anniversary. The museum is quite small but there is quite a bit to see and read about.There are various stations dotted around so you can view some old pictures, some may not be...More

    thumb forest9
  •   La Clairière de l’armistice est une étape incontournable pour tous ceux qui visitent la région. Le site se compose de la clairière, avec les monuments qui rappellent les événements de la Première Guerre Mondiale qui s’est achevée sur le front français avec la signature de...Plus

    thumb Stefano S

      Having been the previous week to Verdun, this is another French museum that brings a mixture of feelings. I was more fascinated by the World War II pictures and the feelings of the French at that time. Nice museum with some good artefacts. You want...More

    thumb BillDewberry

      This year is the centennial of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. As a history buff I have made many visits to the WWI and WWII sites in France and Belgium. I decided on the visit to Compiegne to view the...More

    thumb Tom D
  •   If doing any sort of WW1 or WW2 tour in this region, this place is a must visit. The history is fascinating, the museum is small, but the stories and photographs of events that took place here give you an insight into events rarely told...More

    thumb Meriden2

      Beau lieu de mémoire J’ai appris des choses. L’exposition est très bien organisée. Un détour incontournable

    thumb domynique

      I visited here as part of a leger battlefield tour. We arrived early so it was nice and peaceful. The memorials are lovely and the museum where the replica of the carriage where the armistice aswell as the French surrender in 1940 was signed is...More

    thumb Pompeyjones