The emblematic carriage of the 1918 and 1940 Armistices


  •   Historically a key site that must be seen to begin to understand two world wars. First the Germans surrendered here then some 19 years later Hitler returned the compliment when the French surrendered in the same place.

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      Cette clairière est un endroit historique à visiter en pleine forêt de Compiègne. Possibilité de visiter le wagon de l armistice qui est dans un petit musée.

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      Small museum with a replica of the actual rail carrige in which the Armistace ending WWI was signed. English signage throughout. Museum traced the path into, the chronology of and the aftermath of the war along with the path into WWII. Fascinating. Free parking, 5...More

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  •   My husband has a memory of the railway carriage just being in the clearing. Now they have built a new museum all round it. I know that the younger generation have to learn about the wars but I find it hard to cope, knowing the...More

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      Came here in a whim with 7 adults and 4 children. Cost €24 in total. The museum commemorates the singing of the armistice treaties that occurred in the area during ww1 and ww2. The carriage is a replica but is amazing. The information over speaker...More

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      So much history here not just for the signing of the Armistice in 1918 but what happened afterwards and to the original coach. Cant recommend this enough.

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  •   This year is the centennial of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. As a history buff I have made many visits to the WWI and WWII sites in France and Belgium. I decided on the visit to Compiegne to view the...More

    thumb Tom D

      A museum and open grove set in a beautiful forest which honours the memory and the event of the Armistice signing. It held the attention of the children aged 7 and 5, who particularly liked the picture machines which actually gave photos from the period...More

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      We went on an organised trip to see the carriage where the armistice was signed. The Museam is very unique and a must for world war 1 history buffs. It is being tarted up for the 100th anniversary and I imagine on 11 November it...More

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  •   Didn't see any signs with admission prices until you go through the door where the carriage is kept. Think it's around 5 euro for adults. Not a great deal inside tbh. Listened the audio commentary inside for 10 minutes and then at the end it...More

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      The flyer for the site does not tell you the significance of the monument. This is the place the Germans surrendered to the French and British in world war one. And where the French surrendered to Hitler, in person, during the second world war. The...More

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      Took my grandchildren for a trip here. Well worth it. They were full of interest and only 7 and 4. History is worth the time to teach. Very good set up, lots of good info and photos etc. Spent 2 hours no problem.

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