The museum opens its doors the 1rst March 2018

The emblematic carriage of the 1918 and 1940 Armistices


  •   Dans la Forêt de Compiègne, la clairière de l’Armistice est un lieu incontournable pour ceux qui sont attachés aux souvenirs des deux derniers conflits mondiaux. C’est un lieu empreint de sérénité et de symboles. Le mémorial possède un musée où l’on peut voir le wagon...Plus

    thumb Nadine C

      Beau lieu de mémoire J’ai appris des choses. L’exposition est très bien organisée. Un détour incontournable

    thumb domynique

      Small museum with a replica of the actual rail carrige in which the Armistace ending WWI was signed. English signage throughout. Museum traced the path into, the chronology of and the aftermath of the war along with the path into WWII. Fascinating. Free parking, 5...More

    thumb cordyroy
  •   If you are in the area then I would recommend a trip to the Armistice Clearing. It would be a shame not to visit such an historical site if you were staying nearby. The clearing itself is set in a large forest and is very...More

    thumb Andrew I

      Facile à trouver, ce lieu de mémoire est incontournable en ces temps d'agitation mondiale. A voir: * le lieu, Impressionnant par sa dimension * le wagon, qui a vu tour à tour les signatures de belligérants de la paix de 1918 et l'armistice 1939 *...Plus

    thumb Bernard C

      Visited the museum as it was a dull day whilst on holiday in the area. This turned out to be a great idea as the museum is totally fascinating and an excellent experience. We learned so much about an important event in history. The train...More

    thumb lundy96
  •   A lovely place to visit. Very historically significant (both in WW1 and WW2) and incredibly thought provoking. In particular I was moved by the actions of the germans in in 1940 when they not only made the French sign their armistice in the same place...More

    thumb James M

      Visite très intéressante et de magnifique pièces sont exposées. J’ai particulièrement apprécié l’accueil qui est très chaleureux et l’écoute du personnel. Endroit sympa pour tous les passionnées d’Histoire !

    thumb Jade M

      Having been he many years ago i was impressed by how much there is to see. A poignant reminder of the horrors of war and the cruelty of humanity. Informative and interesting. When the renovations for the 100 year anniversary are complete (outside) it will...More

    thumb Likesmifood
  •   This was an interesting site to visit, and the museum was pretty good, not particularly large but interesting nonetheless. They were clearly in the process of expanding the museum, so no doubt it will be better in the future, with more to see and clearer...More

    thumb texasmm

      This year is the centennial of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. As a history buff I have made many visits to the WWI and WWII sites in France and Belgium. I decided on the visit to Compiegne to view the...More

    thumb Tom D

      It was closed but we were able to walk around and look at the tracks, the peace ring and other memorials. I would like to know more about the dead black bird hanging on the one monument with the sword and vines behind it. Very...More

    thumb flpab