The museum opens its doors the 1rst March 2018

The emblematic carriage of the 1918 and 1940 Armistices


  •   This was my partners choice of visit, not mine, but I was delighted to say I was in the wrong in not honestly wishing to go. The forest place is extremely beautiful, with the birds in full flow of voice. As for the museum itself,...More

    thumb diamondcittage

      Cette clairière est un endroit historique à visiter en pleine forêt de Compiègne. Possibilité de visiter le wagon de l armistice qui est dans un petit musée.

    thumb HEAVY60

      It was closed but we were able to walk around and look at the tracks, the peace ring and other memorials. I would like to know more about the dead black bird hanging on the one monument with the sword and vines behind it. Very...More

    thumb flpab
  •   Don’t underestimate what one fellow reviewers called a little museum. It’s worth 60-90 minutes as all the stories are well told and the collection of old stereoscopic photos is just amazing. Made my day being here

    thumb Viewlander

      This year is the centennial of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. As a history buff I have made many visits to the WWI and WWII sites in France and Belgium. I decided on the visit to Compiegne to view the...More

    thumb Tom D

      Toujours un moment d'émotion et de souvenirs Nos amis ont été étonnés de la qualité du lieu, ainsi que des images et films proposés

    thumb corinne l
  •   Après avoir vu de nombreux documentaires, j’étais curieux de me plonger dans cette ambiance. Des guides très sérieux dans leur travail, parfois un peu trop. Qu’ai-je retenu? Le musée, à voir sans s’attarder. Mérite une rénovation avec des présentations plus ludiques. J’ai vu, je ne...Plus

    thumb Jean-michel L

      For goodness sake, take care. We walked from the car park to the railway sidings, took a couple of photos and then strolled back to our car - about 15 minutes at the very most. When we got back our car had been broken into,...More

    thumb Margaret H

      Having been he many years ago i was impressed by how much there is to see. A poignant reminder of the horrors of war and the cruelty of humanity. Informative and interesting. When the renovations for the 100 year anniversary are complete (outside) it will...More

    thumb Likesmifood
  •   Respect aux bénévoles qui font tenir cela alors que c'est un endroit très bien conçu même si étroit en cas de visites de groupes. Un grand stock de photos d'époque avec mise en jumelles intéressantes. Un mélange des 2 guerres appréciable. On ressent la peine...Plus

    thumb virginienono

      le lieu est propre avec un parking assez grand pas loin du site. la clairière est imposante et bien entretenu avec des monuments près de l'entrée du musée. le musée est assez petit avec d'abord le wagon (la reproduction de l'original) puis de 2 salles...Plus

    thumb Laurent T

      Had we not had a toddler with us I would have spent more time taking in the information. As it was I was able to listen and read some of it and what I heard and the stereo photos were very interesting. It's a nice...More

    thumb David S