4 juin 2018

The Armistice of 1940

The Armistice of 1940

 Understand all the events surrounding the signing of the 22 June 1940 Armistice.

The Armistice of 1940


On 22 June 1940, the French delegation signed the Armistice agreement imposed by Germany at the very location of the 1918 Armistice signing. This entailed France’s surrender in the Second World War.

Destruction of the clearing

Site of the WWI humiliation

Following the signing, the Armistice Clearing was destroyed under Hitler’s orders. Taken away like the other monuments, the carriage would suffer a bitter end. 

The aftermath of World War II

A slaughter

The Second World War was the costliest in human lives in all of history. It was also the first war in which civilians were targeted to such an extent. 

The Armistice delegations

The Revenge of Hitler

The delegation compositions changed between wars. The German delegation representing the Third Reich was led by Chancellor Adolf Hitler. It hosted the French delegation, which yielded to the Wehrmacht’s demands.

The Armistice clauses

Act 2

The 1940 Armistice agreement comprised 24 articles that France was forced to accept. However, certain compromises were made, such as the colonies left under French control.

The Ohrdrurf camp

Horror site

Where the Armistice Carriage was burned following its removal to Berlin along with the other monuments.

Photos: The Armistice Carriage Association