9 juin 2018

The museum

The Museum


 The museum tour presents the evolution of the Armistice Memorial from one event to the next of both World Wars.


The carriage shelter

The carriage shelter has been fully renovated: a twilit scenography retraces the history of the memorial and the Armistice Carriage from the 1914-1918 period up until 1945. It is Marshal Foch himself who welcomes you with an introductory speech.

Photos: Bruno Badiche, Malice Images

1. "Build up to war" exhibition area

Before entering the rotunda, a transition space (displaying a scale model of the carriage) lends context to the beginnings of the Great War and the mobilization of troops. 

Photos Credits: Bruno Badiche - Malice Images

2. The rotunda

Enter the rotunda atrium to admire over 800 stereoscopic views of the First World War. Learn about the great early battles, with the “war of movement” and the “war of positions” and a focus on the military means employed in pursuit of these wars.

Photos: Bruno Badiche, Malice Images

The crypt

Meditate before the crypt engraved with the names of the bloodiest battles. Surrounding the basin sheltering the memorial flame, uniformed mannequin soldiers represent the Allied forces.

Photos: Bruno Badiche, Malice Images

The 3D room

The 3D room immerses you in the heart of the war, with a 3D film focusing on the Great War and presenting moving images of a soldier and his wife.  

Photos : Bruno Badiche, Malice Images

the armistice of 1918 corridor

Enter the Armistice Corridor to comprehend key events preceding the 1918 Armistice and also go behind the scenes, with a film focusing on Augustin Trébuchon.

Photos: Bruno Badiche,Malice Image

3.The 1918 Armistice room

Astonishing archives and testimonials explain to you the signing of the 11 November Armistice. A chronological frieze details key events, personalities and figures of the Great War. Scale models of the carriage and clearing are also exhibited.

Photos Bruno Badiche, Malice Images

4. 1919: the treaty of Versailles

A decisive treaty for the final application of the Armistice conditions 

Photos: Bruno Badiche, Malice Images

5.The room "from one war to the next"

This newly inaugurated exhibition space links the two World Wars and allows visitors to understand the reasons for a second global conflict. Follow the geopolitical evolutions of the European powers (France, Great Britain and Germany) and their socio-economic situations over the course of both World Wars. 

Photos: Bruno Badiche,Malice Images

6. THE ARMISTICE of 1940

Before entering the 1940 Armistice room, discover this corridor exhibiting two suspended fighter-plane models: a Stuka and a Dewoitine. This space focuses on the German invasion and French surrender of 1940. 

Photos: Bruno Badiche,Malice Images


The second key exhibition room retraces central events of the Second World War: from legendary battles to the 1940 Armistice detailing the clauses and conditions imposed on France.   

Photos: Bruno Badiche, Malices Images

9. the carriage shelter corridor

Before leaving, learn about the evolution of the Armistice Clearing, from 1915 to the present day. A temporary exhibition is also here presented. 

Photos : Xavier Renoux, Oise Tourisme


Informative panels explain the final fate of the Armistice Carriage at the end of WWII

Photos : The Armistice Carriage Association

The museum in images