5 juin 2018

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Visiting the must-see sites of Oise only 15 minutes from the Armistice Clearing

The Compiègne Palace

Spend an afternoon playing Empress of France!

Take your tea at the Compiègne Palace, in the company of Empress Eugénie who invites you to stroll about her fragrant rose garden. Explore the palace’s art collections, enjoy a spectacle in the small on-site theatre and savour a snack in the reception area. Should your visit extend late into the evening, Eugénie would naturally be delighted to reserve a room for you in one of her numerous private apartments… Tranquillity and luxury have ever defined the Compiègne Palace. 

Photos: B.Beucher,Oise Tourisme
Photos : Anne Sophie Flament ,Oise Tourisme

The Compiègne Memorial

A moving tour of the Royallieu Camp

“Identification number 47 827”: get in line among the mass of visitors. You find yourself stepping through the gates to Hell, and a lump rises in your throat as you tour the prison barracks and read the internees’ testimonies. The exhibition space dedicated to Nazi internment camps proves especially moving. Finally, slip through security and escape via the secret tunnel, to embark on your long trek to freedom… You won’t soon forget your visit to this memorial site. 

The WWI Territorial Heritage Museum

War of the innocents

Conditions in the trenches grow ever harsher, the sky ever darker. Bullets fly all around, while falling shells massacre the soldiers. But a glimmer of hope finally takes form at Rethondes early in the morning of 11 November 1918… Discover soldiers’ fascinating firsthand accounts at the WWI Territorial Heritage Museum of Rethondes.

Photos: Véronique Marty, Oise Tourisme


On the map, discover at a glance all the sites of interest only 15 minutes from the Armistice Clearing. 

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