5 juin 2018

WW1 memorial sites

WW1 Memorial sites

Discover the most remarkable WW1 memorial sites in and around the Hauts-de-France region

Photos: Grégory Smellinckx, Oise Tourisme

Occupied and shelled by the enemy, the Hauts-de-France region played a leading role during the First World War and memorial sites abound throughout the territory. Indeed, numerous Great War battle scars are still evident today. Diverse foreign armies fought for the Allies within the region. Not surprisingly, Hauts-de-France is dotted with war memorials, cemeteries and necropolises paying tribute to soldiers, heroes and victims. Discover below the must-see memorial sites dedicated to foreign combatants.


On the map, discover at a glance all the World War Heritage sites of interest  from the Armistice Clearing.

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