5 juin 2018

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Visiting the must-see sites of Oise only 30 minutes from the Armistice Clearing

The Barge- and Boatmen Museum of Longueil-Annel

Hop aboard L’Escapade

A fresh breeze caresses the rivercraft moored at the Longueil-Annel port. With the arrival of autumn, the yellowish and orangish leaves are beginning to fall, as Oise adorns itself with a scintillating crepuscular gown… The ideal time for a waterway Escapade!

Photos: Hélène Larmoyer, Oise Tourisme
Photos: Irwin Leullier,Oise Tourisme

pierrefonds Castle

The ultimate fortress

The mighty keep and vertiginous ramparts of imposing Pierrefonds Castle are more than sufficient to scare away any would-be enemies. Yet braver, curious visitors will be sorely tempted to enter this vast medieval fortress for truly exceptional photo opportunities.

Chiry-Ourscamp Abbey

Magical medieval stones

A special melody echoes within this stone chancel dating from the 13th century: that of the bishop thanking Heaven for having somehow preserved this architectural marvel within the Ourscamp Forest.

Photos : Véronique Marty,Oise Tourisme


On the map, discover at a glance all the sites of interest only 15 minutes from the Armistice Clearing. 

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